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With so many painting companies to choose from, Walker Contract Interiors stands out from the rest by consistently completing projects in an efficient manner at competitive pricing. We use only top quality products and qualified painting crews experienced with helping our customers make the most informed decorating and painting decisions. With a team of well-trained and experienced painters, we understand what home owners expect.

Top quality products and qualified painting crews.

Finding Your True Colours

Once applied, paint color may look a little different than it appeared on the small sample paper or outside of tin. To avoid disappointment and extra work, buy only a test pot of the color you want to use and paint it on a foam board. Place the painted board in different spots in a room to see how natural and artificial lighting affects the colour.

How Much Paint To Buy

We recommend approx 5 litres to cover 60sqm. Textured, rough or un-primed surfaces may require more.

Estimate For Painting & Decorating

Following our on-site consultation and discussion of your painting project, Walker Contract Interiors provides an estimate that includes all materials and labour, pricing and work specifications.

How Long After The Estimate Does The Painting Begin?

Work begins anywhere from 1- 3 weeks following the estimate, once colour selections and work specifications have been confirmed and the work contract has been signed.

We provide an estimate that includes all materials and labour.
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