Choosing Your Office Funiture

Whilst in our homes, the furniture is selected solely on our taste, when it comes to re-modelling or creating a business setting, there are more factors that guide our decisions that simply 'what we like'. It is imperative that your investment in your office or front of house furniture is not only functional but matched to your brand and business aspirations.

Selecting the right office furniture will raise your aspirations as well as the expectations of your customers, adding to your reputation but you will need to plan and design carefully. Here is a basic guide to getting the right office furniture for your business.

Breakout Furniture for Meeting Areas

Plan your Space!
The options of furniture design are one issue that is easily resolved but many clients have not considered the best way to use their space. If your office is small, it can quickly feel full and cluttered; work will not flow through and what you will soon discover is that this area is devoid of any usability or 'personality'. This is why it is essential to plan your space!

This is not always the top of client's list when looking to refurbish, remodel or designing a new space. To answer this, you need to examine what your business is, what image you want to portray and what you want to achieve with your office furniture and design.  Broadly speaking this could fall into two categories:

A classic theme would use traditional materials such as wooden desks and leather chairs. Choosing this theme would present a sense of endless eleganceas well as anauthoritative edge to your business.

A contemporary theme would take in materials such as glass and metal, with some businesses wanting to portray a streamlined, minimalist image. Glass desks can be sweeping pieces of statement furniture but also look just as good within a smaller space, bouncing natural light around the room.

Next into the recipe is the ingredient of style and in terms of office furniture and decor, this looks at the use of colour. Think of two contrasting business empires, either local or global that you admire - think of their colour schemes and decor. Are they bright or subdued? The use of colour is essential in creating the right mood and image to your business; customers would come to expect subdued, calming colours in settings such as spas and clinics, whilst more brash, brighter colours would be expected in settings where being modern is part of the course. But choose wisely; a global fast food chain has just undergone a major refurbishment where primary colours have been replaced by a smoother, calmer palette.

Walker Contract Interiors are leaders in the field of creating and recreating office space, in terms of both renewing or upgrading furniture as well as complete refurbishment.

Products we can help with:

• Seating
• Storage
• Desks
• Reception
• Boardroom
• Cafe furniture
• Bar stools
• Accommodation furniture
• Tables
• Coat stands
• Curtains
• Rugs
• Clocks

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