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If you're dipping a tentative toe into the waters of refurbishment, then you have come to the right place! Walker Contract Interiors has many years experience working with a variety of businesses - small, medium and large - across various industries to create and improve their work space.

The most common reason for office refurbishment is to improve the image of the company or business. Especially true for businesses that operate within the glare of the customer's gaze, it is important that your business maintains a fresh appeal.

Maintain a fresh appeal.

Why Are You Refurbishing?

Some clients feel it's time for change, "the place is looking jaded and tired" or "we just need to upgrade". Whilst these are all valid reasons, the questions also run deeper. Rather than replacing 'like with like', look at your space objectively to see what needs or wants changing.

Look ahead when refurbishing your office - in 5 years time, what will your company look like? Will it be bigger physically? Will you be seeking new premises? How likely is it to change?

Look at your space objectively.

5 Good Reasons For Refurbishing

1. Expansion
Business growth is always welcome but when it also involves a physical expansion, it can make your business look physically disjointed.

2. Reorganisation
This can also mean where the physical nature of your business has contracted and you may be looking to refurbish a smaller area. Office refurbishment also means that you can make the most of the facilities on offer.

3. Upgrading or new premises
Many clients choose to move their businesses for a variety reasons and take the opportunity to refurbish at the same time.

4. Improving an image
The most common reason for office refurbishment is to improve the image of the company or business. A premises that looks tired and frayed around the edges may mean that some customers may choose to take their custom to your competitors.

5. Choose Walker Contract Interiors
The one stop shop for your refurbishment project. We give you the same quality customer service that ensures all our clients receive the best furniture products available today.

Our prices are very competitive and represent excellent value for money!

Please get in touch and see how we can help make your project a reality.

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