Restaurant & Bar Refurbishment Services

Walker Contract Interiors provide a full refurbishment service for Restaurants and Bars. Our services include Furniture Selection, Interior Styling, Space Planning, Commercial Supply and Design, Floor Coverings, Joinery Works and Painting & Decorating services. We pride ourselves as being the one-stop-shop for your full refurbishment project.

Full Refurbishment Service for Restaurants and Bars

Your Design or Our Design - We Make it Work

Sometimes its not about designing a new restaurant, coming up with a fancy concept or following any trends. You may simply want to provide a comfortable and even better experience to your guests, whilst finding a timeless style that looks great now and in 10 years time.

Recent years have seen an explosion of new and exciting eateries, bars & restaurants appear on the scene, this has fueled a Cafe Bar culture across the UK resulting in more of us eating out at all times of the day. The bar and restaurant sector is very competitive as every business is trying to win new customers and grow customer loyalty too. The aim for any venue is to keep their clients happy so that they keep coming back time and time again.

Comfortable and Even Better Experience for your Guests

Achieving the highest quality for you is our number one goal – if you’re happy, we are ecstatic! If you are considering a new Bar or Restaurant Refurbishment then why not give us a call – We can help you plan your project and ensure it is a success!

Get in touch with us today for a no obligation quotation on your refurbishment programme.

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