Soft & Breakout Furniture

With the growth of open and breakout areas, soft & breakout furniture is the ideal solution for any reception, meeting area or informal dining area. Whether you want to provide a quiet breakout place for staff to sit and have a coffee whilst they have a screen break, or eat their lunch away from the computer, or you need somewhere for informal meetings and brainstorming sessions, they can be a comfortable and cheerful part of the office.

Informal Meeting Areas

Benefits of a Breakout Area

Studies have shown that taking a short break from working at your desk actually raises productivity and gets employees collaborating with each other more. This is because the change in activity helps to refocus your attention on the task in hand.

So by providing an office breakout area, you’re not only giving your staff members the opportunity to get away from the computer and stretch their legs, you’re also helping them to be more productive!

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